Shall I BAKE your Kit Kat?

Yes! You read the title correctly! We present to you green tea Kit Kats that use semi-sweet 'macha' flavored chocolate and a cheese cake Kit Kat that you can bake in your oven! These are just the first of many more flavors to come!

Nyan! I'll take care of this for you!

It's easy to save your spare change with these adorable cat in a box coin banks. Feed your cat by placing a coin on the fishbones and pressing down. Kitty will peek his head out, survey the situation and paw your deposit into the bank where he'll hold on to it for safekeeping. We guarantee all of the kittens included with each bank to be of the highest integrity and having an impeccable work ethic.

Set Your Table to Impress!


We've added a bunch of new products and a new category to contain them all!

You've got your DIY candy kits, your Totoro plush toy, a case of Pocky and a haul of exotic Kit Kat but there's something missing. You need that little something that will take your table settings from ordinary to amazing!

Take a look at some of the fun items we have in stock that are sure to impress your friends at your next dinner party or social gathering!

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