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Hello Kitty and Pompompurin Needle Felting Kit! December 10, 2017 22:41

Hello Kitty and Pompompurin Needle Felting Kit

Today I’m going to be trying out some more Needle Felting using this Sanrio Characters kit!


The kit comes with everything you need to make Hello Kitty and a Pompompurin ice-cream.  There’s a colourful instruction book with lots of step-by-step photos, wool fleece in a variety of colours and, unlike a lot of felting kits, it also includes a felting needle and small mat to work on.

Let’s make Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 2

For the main part of the head, you need 5g of white fleece.  This is rolled into a ball and then the felting begins!  Using the barbed felting needle, you poke the ball of fleece all over, being careful of your fingers!  Very slowly it will start to get smaller and firmer as the fibres bind together.   The more you work on it, the smoother it will become.

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 3

The instructions include a full-size diagram to use as a guide.  Areas you work on more will become smaller quicker, so you can use this to form the shape you require. 

Once it’s the right size, and the surface is smooth, it’s time to move onto the ears.

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 4

These start by folding a small piece of fleece into a triangle shape.  Then they are poked with the felting needle all over to firm them up, using the diagram as reference to get the right size and shape.

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 5

When the two ears are ready, they are attached to the main part of the head.  To do this, you just hold them in place and then use the needle to repeatedly poke through the ear into the main head piece and they will start to bind together.  Once both are well attached, you cover the join lines with small pieces of fleece to create a nice smooth finish

Then it’s time for the details.

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 6

A small piece of yellow fleece is rolled into a ball for the nose, and then fixed in place on the head by poking through it with the felting needle. 

This is repeated for the eyes – again the full size diagram is helpful to use to get the eyes and nose in the right place.

Tiny pieces of brown are twisted to make whiskers and then attached in the same way.

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 7

Finally it’s onto Kitty’s bow.  Some pink fleece is felted slightly to form a rounded rectangle shape and is then attached to the ear and felted more until it’s a bow shape.  Adding a ball of pink to the middle looks like the knot and finishes it off nicely.

After finishing Kitty, I moved onto the Pompompurin Ice-cream!

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 8

Rolling some brown fleece into a cone shape, this was felted and until it was the right size. Then some markings were added.  

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 9

A yellow ball was added for the head, along with two long ovals for the ears.   A disc of brown makes up his beret, along with a little ball on top. 

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 10

Last but not least, you add his cute face details!

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 11

You could stop there, but you can also turn these items into brooches by adding a pin to the back.  This is simply done by passing some fleece through a pin, laying this on the back of the item and the poking through it lots to attach it securely.

Here are my finished Sanrio characters!

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 12

There are also instructions for a cupcake and pen cover, and I have lots of fleece left over to make these later!

I think this is a great kit for Sanrio fans and beginners to needle felting – it comes with everything needed to get started (even though I used my own mat in the photos above, it does include a little white one) and the designs are nice and simple for someone’s first try at needle felting!

Check out the video below!

Let's Make Original Keshigomu - Disney Tsum Tsum! October 03, 2017 23:08


Today I'm going to try out an Orikeshi 'Let's make original keshigomu!' kit to create some Disney Tsum Tsum Erasers!


Let’s see what’s inside…

Tsum tsum eraser kit contents

The kit comes with the patterns for 11 different designs, split into two sets - A and B. It includes enough of the rubber eraser material to make one of the two sets. It also comes with a mold to make the erasers in, tweezers and spacer pieces. You'll just need a microwave to 'set' the erasers and some water.

I decided to make Minnie Mouse first.

Making tsum tsum eraser 1

The erasers are made by putting together lots of little cubed pieces of rubber, resulting in a cute pixel art style design. The pieces are supplied in strips, so the first thing you have to do is pull them apart so that you have the required number of each color - the design card shows the number needed in the top left corner.

Once you've got all the pieces ready, you can start to arrange them in the mold.

Making tsum tsum eraser 2

You first open the mold and rest it on the clip so that it is tilted up slightly. Then place the design card on it. Starting from the lowest corner, working up a row at a time, you put a piece of the correct color on top of each square of the design card. Grey squares are for the plastic spacer pieces.

Making tsum tsum eraser 3

Once you've got to the top, all the pieces together will look like the design you were following!

making tsum tsum eraser 4

Now you place the V shaped part of mold on top of the design, and hold this in place as you carefully slide the design card out from behind all the eraser pieces.

making tsum tsum eraser 5

Whilst continuing to hold the pieces in place, pour half a teaspoon of water over the design and spread the water around so all the pieces get covered.

making tsum tsum eraser 6

Next it's time to heat it up! Close up the mold, clip it shut and then put it into a microwave. The instructions suggest to heat it for 80 seconds in a 500-600W microwave. I tried 60 seconds in an 850W one, and it worked okay.  Once finished in the microwave, put the mold straight into a bowl of cold water and leave it for 10 minutes.

Now you’re ready to open up the mold and see if all the pieces stuck together or not!

making tsum tsum erasers 7


After taking the eraser out of the mold, the spacer pieces need to be removed. You can use the tweezers to poke any out if needed.

I found  that there was some excess rubber around the edges of my erasers where it had melted a bit - perhaps I put them in the microwave for slightly too long. However, it wasn't that much of a problem, I just used a craft knife to tidy these up.

making tsum tsum erasers 8

Once Minnie was finished, I went on to make a few more.

Tsum Tsum Erasers

Here is my finished collection of pixel erasers – Tigger, Minnie Mouse, Olaf, Pluto and Donald Duck!

Tsum tsum erasers 2

This was a fun and easy kit to make! The finished erasers are nice and solid, so they don't feel like they will fall apart if they are used. Wouldn’t they would make a great cute addition to your pencil case!

Pompom Pokémon Book Review! August 19, 2017 22:29

Pompom Pokemon

Editor's Note: You can pick up a copy of the book here.

Today I'm going to be using this cute Japanese craft book to make some Pokémon out of Pompoms!

Pompom Pokemon Book Cover

Don't they look great on the cover!

Let's see how they are made...

pom pom supplies

First up - gathering supplies. You need wool in various colors, matching felt for ears and tails, fabric for details like eyes, needle, thread, card, tracing paper, pencil, scissors, glue and binder clips.

Pompom Maker

Next you need to make the pompom templates. If you already have the correct size of plastic pompom makers that you can buy from craft stores, then you don't need to do this step, but it's nice that the book doesn't assume you will have them. You can easily make your own with card and binder clips.

Now let's try making Pikachu!

It has been many years since I last made a pompom, but the book has really easy to follow photos for all the steps.

Pompom pokemon 1

First comes wrapping each half in wool... Lots and lots of wrapping!  Then you clip the two halves together, and cut all the way around.

Pompom pokemon 2

Tie some wool tightly through the gap in the middle and remove the template pieces.  The ball looks a bit straggly to start with, but you just trim it all over till it's nice and even.

Pompom pokemon 3

This is then repeated for the body, except that this time there are two colors of wool used for part of it. These will become stripes on the back!

The book uses simple diagrams of the pompom template showing each of the colors to use and in what order. It also says how many times round you should wrap each color.

Pompom pokemon 5

Once the second pompom is finished, the two are sewn together.  Then it's time to move onto the felt details.

There are various templates to trace and cut out of felt and fabric. These are glued together, and finally glued onto the pompom body.

Pompom pokemon 4

I found that getting the pieces to stick onto the wool body can be a little hard and the wool moves around a lot so sometimes they don't end up quite where you hoped. However, after persevering and holding things in place long enough to dry, I finally have a little Pikachu!

Pompom Pikachu

He’s not as neat as the one in the book, but I think he's okay for my first attempt!

However, since the book has so many patterns, I couldn't stop just there...

Pompom pikachu jigglypuff squirtle eevee

Here's my little collection of Pokemon so far!

Jigglypuff uses a bigger size of pompom, and has a little half pompom on top of the head.  Squirtle has lots of different colors to make the shell, and also has thread details that are glued on - these are quite fiddly!  Eevee is trimmed in a way so that half the ball is smaller than the other, giving a fluffy mane effect.

Pompom pokemon animation

This is a great book, full of really easy to follow photos and diagrams. Even though it is all in Japanese, I didn't have to try and translate anything!

The only downside to using a book rather than a kit is that you do need to get all the supplies before you can start, and if you don't have exactly the same supplies, things like the wool wrapping counts might not be quite right. However, now I've worked out that doubling the numbers worked best for my wool, the benefit of the book is that I have instructions to make a whopping 32 Pokemon!

And with that, I think it's time to go make another! After all, you gotta make ‘em all...

Editor's Note: You can pick up a copy of the book here. Also, check out our video of Nikki actually making a few of the Pokemon found in the book!

Parfait Parfait Neruneru DIY Candy Kit [VIDEO] July 10, 2017 06:46

Parfait Neruneru (ASMR Version) ~ パフェパフェねるねる(音楽なし)

This is a simple little DIY candy kit from Japan, but it's a blast to make and quite yummy. You start by arranging the included wafter sticks in your tray and emptying the first candy powder packet into the large mixing area.

Add water and mix well and you'll be ready for the candy science to happen! Add the solidifying powder to the sticky candy mix and watch it bubble and turn to candy foam.

Parfait Parfait Neruneru sticky candy

Next, we're going to make the chocolate dipping sauce by mixing the chocolate sauce powder packet with just a bit of water.

Parfait Parfait Neruneru chocolate sauce

After your chocolate sauce is ready, all that's left is to dip away! Scoop up some of the sticky candy and then dip it into the chocolate sauce. Add the finishing touch by sprinkling on some of the included colorful candy sprinkles.

Parfait Parfait Neruneru colorful candy sprinkles

Your candy creation looks amazing and is ready to eat. Take a well-deserved bite and start dipping all over again!

Parfait Parfait Neruneru wafers dipped in sticky candy and sprinkles

For the full tutorial, take a look at the video below:

Rilakkuma Needle Felt Kit! June 26, 2017 12:18

Rilakkuma Needle Felt

Today I'm going to be sharing something a little different with you all - needle felting! This is a very popular craft in Japan, with so many books and kits available.  Recently it’s also started gaining popularity across the world.

I'm going to try out a cute kit to make a felted version of my favourite relaxed bear, Rilakkuma, and his little friend Kiiroitori.

Kit Contents

The kit comes with all of the fleece needed, but you do need two extra items that aren't included - a felting needle, which is a very sharp, barbed needle, and a felting mat to work on. You can get brush like mats like I am using, or cheaper foam ones that work just as well.

Once you have everything, it's time to start felting!

Needle Felting Rilakkuma 1

The brown fleece is provided in one very long strip.  The instructions tell you how much you need to cut off for each part of Rilakkuma. Starting with the head, I took a 70cm piece of fleece and rolled it up. I then began to gently stab it all over with the felting needle. It starts very soft and fluffy, but the barbs on the needle cause the wool fibres to bind together. After a while of stabbing and constantly turning to make sure it's even, a firmer shape starts to form.

Needle Felting Rilakkuma 2

The instructions include full size photos of the finished items, taken from the front, side and back. You use these to check the size and shape of each piece as you work. It requires some patience, but you can slowly mold the final shape by focusing on particular areas - the more you stab somewhere, the smaller that part will get. Don't worry if you make it too small though, you can always add some extra fleece on top!

Needle Felting Rilakkuma 3

Once happy with the shape and size of the head, I moved onto the torso, keeping the top edge looser to help with attaching the pieces together.

To join the two pieces, you just need to stab through the loose fibres from the torso, up into the head so that they bind together.

Needle Felting Rilakkuma 4

Next were the ears and limbs.  These are made in the same way as the other pieces, using the lengths of fleece specified for each of them.

Once all the pieces were ready, it was time to assemble Rilakkuma!

Needle Felting Rilakkuma 5

After working around all the joints and making sure they are well attached, you can add additional smaller layers of fleece to cover joint lines, or small patches to build up areas that aren't quite the correct shape.

Needle Felting Rilakkuma 6

Once happy with the shape of the complete body, I moved onto the details.

Needle Felting Rilakkuma 7

Details are added by placing small amounts of the contrasting fleece in place and stabbing all over with the felting needle to stick it down and shape it.

With Rilakkuma complete, I moved onto Kiiroitori.

Needle felting Kiiroitori

As before, I made the basic shapes, comparing them to the full-size photos, joined them, and then added the details.

And here they are together, all finished!

Needle felting Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori

Needle felting Rilakkumma animation

Aren't they cute :)

Another fun kit completed! I probably wouldn't recommend this kit for complete beginners, as there are quite a lot of parts and details to make, plus you already need a needle and mat. However, if you've done just a little bit of needle felting before, and are a fan of Rilakkuma, I would definitely recommend it!

I hope you've enjoyed this little look into needle felting! It really is surprisingly simple to do and just requires wool fleece, a felting needle and a mat - no sewing, no gluing, just patience. The repetitive, gentle(!) stabbing is also rather relaxing so I hope some of you give it a try!

Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Clay Sweets Shop Kit May 19, 2017 11:54

Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Clay Sweets Shop Kit

Today I'm making some sweets, although they aren’t the edible kind, they are clay miniatures!

Fuwa Fuwa Kit Packaging

To make the sweets, I’m going to be trying out this Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Clay kit.

Kit Contents

The kit comes with Japanese instructions, 4 colours of mousse clay, molds, glitter glue and pieces to make a shop display case. There are molds for five types of sweets and lots of different decorations for them.

Using the molds

The molds are very easy to use.  First you wipe a little oil onto them so that the clay doesn't stick. Then take some clay and put it into the shape you want, line up the other half of the mold and press together firmly. After opening it back up, you remove the excess clay and pop out the finished shape by bending the mold a little.

The clay is not like any I've used before - it's so light, soft and airy! I found it was best to try and smooth the surfaces of it before you put it into the mold, as this avoids getting crease lines in your shapes.   As it is air-dry clay, it’s also a good idea to keep the unused clay sealed up as much as possible.

Clay icing

To make the sweet's filling, you simply twist a long rectangular piece and it looks like piped icing! You can then squeeze this between the two other pieces so that they stick together, although occasionally I did need to use a little bit of glue to help things stay in place.

Clay decorations

After making the different basic sweets, I started making some of the little decorations.

Mixing clay

One of the decoration molds was for a leaf, but there was no green clay!  Luckily you can very easily mix the clay to create new colours - being so soft, this doesn't take very long to do.

Clay sweet pieces

All the clay pieces ready for final assembly.

Sweets assesmbly

I used the glitter glue to attach the little decorative pieces and to add a sparkly glaze to parts of the sweets.  Using the glue meant the small pieces stuck well even when only gently putting them on, so I didn’t risk squashing them out of shape.  

Once everything was in place, it was time to leave them to dry and move onto the other part of the kit.

Display case

The kit comes with pre-cut pieces to make a display case for your clay creations.  They are pre-folded as well, so it is really easy to make.  Everything fits together nicely and no glue was needed, just a little sticky tape to attach the clear plastic to the front.  The finished case even has a little drawer you can keep things in!

Sweets labels

There are also little signs and labels included to display the sweets with.

Clay kit assembly

I left the clay to dry out overnight.  Once set, it still has a slight foamy, squishy texture which is quite unusual!  

Now that the sweets were dry, and everything was cut out, it was time to set up the display...

Finish Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Clay Sweets Shop Kit

My finished Sweets Shop display case!  Isn’t it cute!

This was a fun kit to make and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing it being made too!  The molds make it really easy to create detailed miniature sweets and the clay is very nice to work with.   I also liked that the kit came with the little DIY display case, as I now have something to keep these creations in too.

Even after making all five types of sweets, I still have at least half of each colour of clay left, so I’ll be making more soon I’m sure!

Editor's Note: If you're looking for some super kawaii DIY eraser kits, check out our collection here!

Easter Picnic Bentos April 15, 2017 00:42

Easter Picnic Bentos

It’s time for a Spring picnic, so today I’m going to try out a couple of bento gadgets – the Mimy Rabbit Onigiri and Animal Maki Maki sets!

Mimy Onigiri and Animal Maki Maki packaging

I've never made a character bento before - they are so cute but also look like a lot of work. However, I'm hoping that these tools are going to make it easy to create some kawaii things to eat!

Mimy Riceball Contents

The first set is the Mimy rabbit riceball set. It comes with step-by-step photo instructions, a mold and lots of cutters for different faces and decorations. There is also a soft mat to use when cutting nori seaweed.

Let’s try making a bunny!

Mimy riceball making

First you fill the mold with some cooked sushi rice, press down with the lid, flip it over onto a flat surface and remove the mold. It took me a few shakes to remove the final piece, but then I was left with a bunny shaped ball of rice!

Mimy Riceball Making

Next is the face!  Putting Nori on the soft mat, you use the serrated cutters to create the face you'd like. The pieces then need to be carefully put into place on the bunny, as the nori seems very hard to move as soon as it touches the sticky rice. But then, simple as that, you have a cute bunny riceball!

Mimy riceball making

The instructions also suggested colouring some the rice with soy sauce to create different markings, which turned out to be easier than I expected.

Mimy riceball making

There is another set of cutters included that you can use with ham and cheese. These, combined with colouring the rice, means there are lots of design possibilities and every bunny can look different!

After creating a few rabbit riceballs, I moved onto the Animal Maki Maki set.

Animal Maki Maki Contents

This set comes with a small rice mold and four different animal cutters - rabbit, chick, bear and seal. Since I was making an Easter bento, I just used the chick and rabbit.

Animal Maki Making

It’s very similar to the rabbit mold. You fill with sushi rice, press down with the lid, flip, and this time, push out the rice. You then wrap the rice in nori, and it’s ready for the animal layer.

Animal maki making

Using ham, cheese, or omelette, you press to cut out one of the animal shapes, remove the excess and then wrap around your prepared rice and nori. Hey presto, another cute thing ready to eat!

Animal maki making

I made a few more of these rolls, using the chick cutter as well. The packaging also had a photo of little sandwich rolls wrapped with the animal designs, so I gave that a try too, although it wasn’t as easy to make as the rice filling.

Salad shape cutters

I also prepared some salad to go with it all. I was able to cut out some pretty shapes using one of the cutters from the Mimy set, including miniature carrots, with tiny cucumber skin tops!

I arranged everything into a couple of lunch boxes, and then…

Finished Easter Bentos

A selection of cute food, all ready for a little Easter picnic!

I think they came out quite well for a first attempt! The rabbit riceball set is my favourite of the two - it’s really easy to come up with lots of different cute bunnies with it. Whilst not something I would do for every day lunches, both sets are really fun for a special occasion, or to share with friends!

Experimental Slime Jelly [Video] February 05, 2017 22:43

Experimental Slime Jelly on the Marimo Marshmallow YouTube Channel

Put on your lab coat and flip on your goggles because we are going to do some science! Candy science!

start by mixing the first powder packet with water

Start by mixing the first powder packet with water to make this mysterious blue liquid. That's a good start, but what happens when we do a bit more experimenting?

empty the second powder packet into the mixing tray

We're going to empty the second powder packet into the mixing tray.

add the liquid mixture to the powder

In goes the mysterious blue mixture! Watch it change color as the blue liquid makes contact with the contents of the second powder packet.

mix in the third powder packet and stir about 100 times

The final step is to add the third powder packet to the pink liquid and mix! It'll take a bit of time, but the result is totally worth it! Look at that crazy slime! The craziest thing is that you can actually eat your experimental creation and it's delicious!

your slime jelly is finished

For the full tutorial, take a look at the video below:

Kids' Lunch DIY Candy Kit [Video] November 07, 2016 12:25

Kids' Lunch DIY Candy Kit on the Marimo Marshmallow YouTube channel

Complete with candy flavored fried shrimp, omelette, meatballs, french fries, ketchup and chicken rice, this latest DIY candy kit from Japan is packed with so much entertainment value and an equal number of sweet treats for you to enjoy!

the powders used to make the various parts of this DIY candy kit

Here are all of the powder packets included in the box. Each of the candies has a different sweet flavor. They may look like meatballs, but they're actually chocolate flavored. The fried shrimp candy is actually orange candy flavored.

cutting up the candy french fries on the provided "cutting board"

We're cutting up the apple flavored candy french fries into strips on the "cutting board" included in the box.

adding the chocolate mint flavored omelette fillings

Fill the fruit punch flavored omelette with chocolate mint flavored candies to complete this part of the candy kit. The combination may sound strange, but it actually works pretty well.

the kids' lunch DIY candy kit is finished

Everything comes together so nicely and it's amazing how much stuff they pack into these candy kits. Eating these candies is great fun, but oh man! Making them is just as fun!

our kitten friends are discussing what should be done with this tasty treat

For the full video tutorial, take a look at the video below:

Neko Coin Bank [Video] September 29, 2016 09:35

Itazura Neko Bank on the Marimo Marshmallow YouTube channel

Saving money becomes a lot easier and much more fun with the Itazura Cat Bank from Japan. This adorable little cat will help you put aside money for your next vacation, weekend out or upcoming shopping trip.

Itazura Bank in its original packaging

This particular version is a calico cat hiding in a box of mandarin oranges, but there are quite a few other designs and breeds that you can see here.

put a coin on the plate of fish bones

Place your coin on the plate of fishbones and lightly press down. The bank can accommodate all but very large, very thick or irregularly shaped coins.

a cute cat will pop out and grab your coin

A little cat will peek his had out, grab the coin off the plate and take it for safekeeping. After this little guy does his job, he goes back to hiding in the box. All coin banks employ only the most trustworthy of cats.

change the batteries and remove coins from the bottom of the coin bank

When it's time to make a withdrawal or change the batteries of your bank, just flip it over.

To see the coin bank in action, take a look at the video below.

Washing Machine Candy [Video] September 20, 2016 11:28

washing machine candy on the Marimo Marshmallow YouTube channel

Assemble miniature functional washing machine. Decorate with stickers. Make candy foam. Drink. Amazing!

Read all about this crazy new DIY candy kit from Japan and then buy it here.

washing machine candy packaging

If you're into crazy Japanese DIY candy kits, this is one you shouldn't miss. The name of this product in Japanese is "Moko Moko Moko Wash" and it is a lot of fun.

the contents of the washing machine candy DIY kit

You get everything you need to assemble and decorate a fully functional miniature washing machine. The packet of yogurt flavored candy powder doubles as an edible bubbling treat and the soapy water inside the washing machine.

assembling the inner gears and drum of the washing machine candy kit

After separating the pieces, go to work assembling the gear and drum that allow the machine to spin.

adding decorative stickers to the washing machine

Each of the four collectable sets come with different sets of stickers. Decorate to your hearts content or use your own stationary to make the machine look fabulous!

candy yogurt foam in the miniature plastic washing machine

After the machine is assembled, add water to the inner line of the drum and add one scoop of the bubbling candy powder.


The scoop and enough powder for a couple tries is included with the kit. After you've finished making and eating your sweet treat, you can use the miniature washing machine as a place to keep small desktop items, use it as a pencil stand or even a tiny plant pot.

If you want to pick up your own, you can find it here.

Watch the video tutorial below to see this amazing Japanese DIY candy kit in action!

Nyoki Nyoki Kororon [Video] August 18, 2016 23:18

Nyoki Nyoki Kororon DIY candy kit video on YouTube

We didn't really know what to expect when we opened the package, but this is one of the more interesting DIY candy kits from Kracie. The cream oozes through tiny holes in a plastic tray while coating itself with colorful fruit flavored sweet candy powder.

Who comes up with this stuff?!

Nyoki Nyoki Kororon Blue and Pink

The blue package includes the ingredients to make melon, pineapple and soda flavored candy. The purple package includes ingredients to make melon, orange and grape flavored candy.

Nyoki Nyoki Kororon Contents

These are the complete contents of the purple version of the DIY candy kit. There's a surprising amount of stuff in the package when you consider its size and price.

Nyoki Nyoki Kororon cream base

You start out by mixing the cream powder with two scoops of water measuring using the included plastic cup.

Nyoki Nyoki Kororon three flavor and color candy coating powders

Rest the pink tray on top of the cream and pour the three flavor packets into the three sections of the tray.

Nyoki Nyoki Kororon cream and candy powder

Press down on the tray and the cream will come through the holes in the bottom while at the same time become coated in the candy powder. Shake the tray a bit to coat the candy pieces when they become long.

Nyoki Nyoki Kororon three candy colors and flavors

Here are the grape, orange and melon candy pieces we created. They taste both like cream and fruit and are not overly sweet.

A lot of fun to make and quite tasty!

Nyoki Nyoki Kororon see you next time!

To see this Japanese DIY candy kit in action, check out the video below!

Ramblings of a hungry foreigner in Japan June 08, 2016 16:10

western food

Apple sauce, almonds, oatmeal and pie. These are a few of my favorite things - a few things I have not had the pleasure of tasting in many months. Japan is a place of beauty and culture and it is a great experience to live here, however, one thing Japan is lacking is all of my favorite foods from home. You might search for miles and spend all your money just to find your favorite cheese, and bread other than plain white is like a needle in a haystack. If you have a gluten intolerance, say sayonara to bread or crackers or sweets!

If you have a particular taste for tacos or western deserts you'll find yourself in a pinch, as almost all the food in Japan in Japanese. Even the pizza and hamburgers have a Japanese spin on them. Corn and mayonnaise pizza? No thanks!

There are many a times I've lain in bed dreaming of figs and root vegetables that didn't cost me an arm and a leg, and certainly there will be a day when I can eat all my favorite breakfast cereals again. But when that day comes, I know it will be a bitter sweet reunion with all my beloved foods. The cost will be high, for during a visit home last year, I realized the lack of Western food in Japan strongly mirrored the lack of Japanese food in the West.

Sure there are lots of sushi restaurants at home, but sushi is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Japanese cuisine.

Chocolate cheesecake may taste sweet, but what resentment I'll feel when I had to sacrifice mochi and ramen restaurants to get it! How will I carry on without Japanese pumpkin or eggplant. I don't want just pickles made from cucumbers, I want pickles of any vegetable I can think of. Bye-Bye tempura and soba. See you later onigiri rice balls at every convenience store. I know I can get pork dumplings and miso soup at home but it's really not the same.

Fortunately, I have peace of mind, knowing that all the best Japanese sweets and snacks can be delivered from Japan to my home when I leave this magical place.

I don't have to part ways with my favorite Pocky, or with DIY candy kits. I can even have Gudetama and Anpanman follow me home, and carry on experiencing the unique and exciting products that I can only find in Japan, and that is where I find the strength to carry on.

Japanese food

Cute Parfait [Video] May 04, 2016 12:10

cute parfait DIY kit

Not only is this DIY parfait kit from Japan quite adorable, but it comes with a cute little glass and lets you make and customize your own pudding parfait.

We'll show you how it works!

cute parfait collectable glass

Each kit comes with a high quality plastic parfait cup that is remarkably similar in look and feel to an actual glass.

the complete contents of the DIY kit package

Here are the contents of the DIY kit. In addition to the cup, each kit includes the powdered mix necessary to make the parfait and garnish it with a sweet berry sauce and pink sugar sweet.

we need to refrigerate the pudding parfait to allow it to solidify

After measuring out and mixing some milk with the parfait packet, you'll need to chill the parfait to let it solidify a bit.

top your parfait with a strawberry of your favorite fruit

We decided to get a bit fancy with a sliced strawberry in addition to the red berry sauce and pink sugar candy. Feel free to top your parfait with whatever strikes your fancy.

Just imagining all of the tasty berry topping combinations out there is making us hungry!

invite your friends over for a cute parfait party

Enjoy your parfait by yourself or invite your friends over. Either way, you'll have a great time and end up with a tasty treat!

Take a look at the video to see this parfait kit in action!

Octopus Poop Candy! [Video] April 25, 2016 14:29

octopus poop DIY candy kit from Kracie
Today we are playing with octopus poop! Well... kind of.

Grape and Soda Dodotto Tsubupyon

This foamy, gummy, crunchy treat tastes great and appeals to the side of all of us that wants to make candy that looks like octopus poop.

Dodotto Tsubupyon comes in two different flavors, soda and grape.

Octopus Dropper

This pack includes one of 3 collectable droppers. You might find an octopus, as shown, a strange squid or a cute robot dropper to make your jelly beads.

Octopus Jelly Dropper

Fill your unique dropper with the pink liquid and drop it into the light blue liquid. When these two liquids join forces they form an instant jelly in the shape of the liquid bead dropped from your octopus.

Rock candy on foam

Next you mix a third powder packet with water and this one creates a foam. Top your foam with multicolored rock candies before adding the jelly beads!

Jelly Strainer

The plastic tray is specially designed to help you strain the water off the spoon when extracting the jelly beads from the blue liquid. Once you’ve spooned them out, spoon them right back in onto the foam mixture.

Dodotto Tsubupyon finished product

Once you’ve combined the foam, rock candies and jelly beads your octopus poop candy is complete! Now it’s time to enjoy the multi-textured treat, sure to be as fun to eat as it was to make!

Watch this video for a more in depth tutorial on how to make octopus poop candy!

Crayon Shinchan Mysterious Drink [Video] January 24, 2016 09:19

Crayon Shinchan Mystery Drink Video Thumbnail

The latest from the Crayon Shinchan laboratory! We present to the public for the very first time The Crayon Shinchan Mystery Drink! Ta-da!

Crayon Shinchan Mysterious Drink Package

What secrets lie inside this innocent looking Japanese DIY candy kit packaging?

Crayon Shinchan Mysterious Drink Package Contents

We have two different powder packets, a collectable high-quality plastic beaker and dropper.

Crayon Shinchan Beaker

Although the beaker is made of plastic, it looks and feels like a glass beaker. Despite the cute picture, it almost looks like something you might find in an actual laboratory.

Mixing Jelly

We need to make the jelly liquid first by adding just a bit of water to the powder in the pink packet, stirring, adding a bit more water and so on. The gradual mixing process ensures that you have as few lumps in your mixture as possible.

Crayon Shinchan Drink with Jelly

After you've made the drink, you'll need to drop in the pink liquid using the supplied dropper. As the jelly liquid makes contact with the drink, it will instantly solidify.

Jelly String and Beads

Make beads by dropping the jelly liquid one drop at a time, or make a long jelly string by putting the dropper in the liquid and squeezing.

Take a look at the video below for an in-depth look!

Taiyaki and Odango [Video] December 25, 2015 02:30

Taiyaki and Odango YouTube Video

If you like miniature DIY candy kits from Japan as well as traditional Japanese sweets, we've found this fun new DIY kit from Kracie that we'd like to show you!

Taiyaki and Odango DIY Kit

This kit is packed with all sorts of fun stuff and contains everything you'll need to make a fish shaped cake with chocolate filling, soy sauce sauce flavored mochi, a strawberry gummy wrapped in rice cake and ramune flavored soda.

Taiyaki and Odango DIY Kit Contents

Here's everything that comes in the box and it's all that's required to make some amazing DIY candy. All you need to have on hand are scissors, just a bit of tape and some water.

Taiyaki Batter and Mold

After making the batter for the taiyaki (the fish shaped cakes) pour it into the mold and microwave it. The batter will cook and become solid.

Soy Sauce Odango

Roll the rice cakes into three balls and skewer them on the included pick. You'll need to give them a nice coating of soy sauce flavored sauce.

Strawberry Mochi

This treat is called ichigo daifuku and is traditionally made with a strawberry, sweet bean paste and rice cake. Our kit uses a gummy strawberry and chocolate to replace the bean paste. Not quite authentic, but quite yummy!

Ramune Soda

Last up we have our miniature ramune soda in this adorable little cup. Just add the powder and water and watch it bubble and fizz!

Taiyaki and Odango DIY Kit with Kittens

There you have it! Traditional Japanese sweets meet DIY candy kits. It's a match made in heaven! Be sure to check out the full video below.

Win a Gudetama DIY Pudding Kit! [FINISHED] November 29, 2015 01:00 6 Comments

 Japanese DIY Candy Kit Giveaway

Three winners will be chosen on December 12, 2015 at 10:00PM JST.

We will contact the winners by email using:

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Good Luck!

String Candy [Video] November 21, 2015 23:53

String Candy

We found some fun new candies from Kracie that let you twist, tie, braid and wrap these amazing sweets before you eat them. Let's take a look!

String Candy Two Varieties

The two packages include two different flavors. The pink and yellow string candies are purple grape and muscat grape flavor while the orange and blue string candies are cola and soda flavored.

String Candy Figure Eight Knot

We started out by tying the classic figure eight knot. It was devoured shortly after.

Braided String Candy

We combined the two packs together to make this three color/flavor candy string braid.

String Candy Tangled Plush Kittens

These were just a few of the ideas we came up with, but there's a lot more you can do with these amazing candies. Check out the video below!

Mud Soda & Dirt Pudding [Video] November 05, 2015 15:54 1 Comment

Mud Soda & Dirt Pudding Video

You won't believe how easy these are to make and how great they turn out! Whether you're making them with the kids or serving them up at your next gathering, these sweet treats are a real crowd pleaser!

Chocolate Pudding

Whip up some of your favorite chocolate pudding. You can make it from scratch or just use a tasty mix.

Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

You're also going to need some chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk for the mud sodas. We used Hershey's syrup, but any chocolate milk recipe will do fine.

Gummy Worms

Our gummy worms are a garnish that will go on top of our dirt pudding.

Root Beer Soda

We will be using root beer along with chocolate milk to make part of our mud soda. It may sounds like an unusual combination, but they go together very well.

Oreo Cookies

Our Oreo cookies make up the 'dirt' part of our dirt pudding. We were able to find chocolate stuffed Oreos, but any cookie that looks sufficiently 'dirty' will also work fine.

Chocolate Pudding and Oreo Cookies

Layer the Oreo cookies and chocolate pudding to make a miniature parfait.

Garnish with Gummy Worms

Let your gummy worms crawl around on top for added effect. Wiggle! Wiggle!

Whole Milk

Make some cold chocolate milk using the chocolate syrup. We recommend using whole milk, but low fat or skim milk will also get the job done.

Chocolate Milk

Fill half of your glass with chocolate milk.

Root Beer Soda

...and the other half with cold root beer soda.

Chocolate Ice Cream

We're going to make a float with some chocolate ice cream. We were lucky enough to find chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie chunks. SO... MUCH... CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate Overload

Now that's a lot of chocolate! Watch the video below, make the recipe, but watch out for CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD!

Sleepy Egg Pudding [Video] October 30, 2015 20:27

Sleepy Egg Pudding

Sometimes you just feel as sleepy as a lazy egg and you just want to get a bit.. more... sleep... But now is the time to make some Gudetama pudding with this amazing DIY candy kit from Japan!

Gudetama DIY Pudding Kit from Japan

Look at this little guy just trying to get comfortable on his little bed.

Gudetama DIY Pudding Kit Contents

This DIY kit comes with everything you need to make your own Gudetama pudding and white cream. The plastic mold comes in two designs and includes Gudetama in two different poses. The yellow packet is for the 'yolk' pudding while the blue packet is for the 'egg white' cream.

Making Gudetama Pudding

You can use the plastic mold as a measuring cup when adding milk to the pudding powder.

Gudetama Pudding Shaped Molds

After microwaving the pudding mixture to heat it up, you'll need to pour it into the plastic molds. You can fill them up to the brim so long as you're able to move them to the refrigerator without too much spillage.

Finished Gudetama Pudding

Once the pudding has cooled completely, you can mix up the cream and spread it around Gudetama to make your treat look like a sunny side up egg. Now all that's left is to snap some pictures and dig in!

Three in One Lollipop [Video] October 13, 2015 00:41 1 Comment

This was a really cool candy we came across the other week that we just had to share. We've all seen lollipops with gum or tootsie rolls in the center, but we can guess that you've never seen a lollipop with a stick made from cola flavored gum!

After you've enjoyed the two flavors of the grape and apple candy outside, you've got a lemon flavored 'ramune' candy in the center. When that's finished, peel off the plastic wrapper of the stick and you're left with a piece of cola flavored gum! Awesome!

Check out the video below!


Edible Ice Cream Bowl Recipe [Video] September 24, 2015 08:10


We'll show you how to make some amazing edible chocolate chip cookie and brownie ice cream bowls! In addition to being just plain awesome, they're actually quite simple to make. Let's cook!

You can really get creative and use whatever dough or batter you'd like. We decided to go with some classics and make chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie batter. We used one of our favourite mixes to save time, but we'd encourage you to make the recipe from scratch.

If you're using a batter, be sure not to overfill the muffin tins. We found that filling the tins about 1/4 of the way works quite well. You'll need to make adjustments based on your recipe.

It's important that the bottom of your second muffin tin is clean and dry. If it doesn't have a nonstick coating, be sure to butter or grease the bottom of the tin as well. The weight of the tin should be enough to give the bowl a nice shape. Don't press down on the tin.

Bake for only 2/3 of the suggested time for the recipe. The layer of batter is thinner than it would be in a cake, muffin or pan. It will cook much faster.

For dough, flip the muffin tin over the spread a ball of dough on the top of each mound. You'll need to work it with your fingers to get an even coating. Be sure to evenly coat the mounds and fill in any gaps in the dough. Keep in mind that any nuts, chips or other tasty bits in the dough may fall out when cooking which may leave holes in your bowl. It's not the end of the world, but it could be a bit messy when you scoop in your ice cream.

You can cook the cookies for the time suggested by the recipe.

Before scooping in your ice cream, make sure your bowls aren't too hot. If you try to use them straight out of the oven, they may fall apart. Slightly warm bowls are amazing when combined with the cold ice cream!

Add your favorite toppings and you're done! Enjoy the ice cream, enjoy the bowl and enjoy being awesome! Here's the full video:

Himitsu no Neruneru August 30, 2015 02:04

Here is this new NERUNERUNERUNE set! This time is SECRET NERUNERU with cherry and banana taste and nice topping! (^▽^)

✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

You can eat this sticky candy.

This set is cherry and banana taste.

This set comes from grocery store near to my house.

❀◕ ‿ ◕❀