Crayon Shinchan Mysterious Drink [Video] January 24, 2016 09:19

Crayon Shinchan Mystery Drink Video Thumbnail

The latest from the Crayon Shinchan laboratory! We present to the public for the very first time The Crayon Shinchan Mystery Drink! Ta-da!

Crayon Shinchan Mysterious Drink Package

What secrets lie inside this innocent looking Japanese DIY candy kit packaging?

Crayon Shinchan Mysterious Drink Package Contents

We have two different powder packets, a collectable high-quality plastic beaker and dropper.

Crayon Shinchan Beaker

Although the beaker is made of plastic, it looks and feels like a glass beaker. Despite the cute picture, it almost looks like something you might find in an actual laboratory.

Mixing Jelly

We need to make the jelly liquid first by adding just a bit of water to the powder in the pink packet, stirring, adding a bit more water and so on. The gradual mixing process ensures that you have as few lumps in your mixture as possible.

Crayon Shinchan Drink with Jelly

After you've made the drink, you'll need to drop in the pink liquid using the supplied dropper. As the jelly liquid makes contact with the drink, it will instantly solidify.

Jelly String and Beads

Make beads by dropping the jelly liquid one drop at a time, or make a long jelly string by putting the dropper in the liquid and squeezing.

Take a look at the video below for an in-depth look!