Mud Soda & Dirt Pudding January 04, 2014 22:31

This is a shocking recipe that you can make mud soda and dirt pudding. My friend could teach me this recipe but I can't believe him. But this taste is very good so I am surprised! I hope you can enjoy this video! Thank you very much!




200ml Chocolate Milk

200ml Root Beer

Chocolate Ice Cream


1. Add 100ml of chocolate milk and 100ml of root beer to a glass and briefly stir.

2. Scoop chocolate ice cream onto the mixture.




Chocolate Pudding

Oreo Cookies

Gummy Worms


1. Crumble oreo cookies into a small bowl to create the bottom layer.

2. Spoon chocolate pudding in top of the crumbled cookie layer.

3. Finish the pudding with an additional layer of crumbled oreo cookies and garnish with gummy worms.