Marimo Marshmallow Impersonator March 13, 2014 12:15

It appears that several channels on YouTube are impersonating the Marimo Marshmallow account and sending out fraudulent emails informing the recipient that they have won a contest and must complete a survey to claim their prize. The included link directs to a malicious website and should not be clicked on.

The impersonating account spells MARSHMALLOW with an uppercase 'I' and lowercase 'L' to resemble the 'll' combination in the original account name. Additionally, the impersonating account is using the same avatar used by the Marimo Marshmallow account.

The offending accounts have been removed from YouTube for violating the company's policy. Please, be careful about clicking on any links that may be included in messages from an account resembling the Marimo Marshmallow account.


Hiroki Matsuuchi (Marimo's Friend)