Watermelon Cake September 03, 2014 19:39 1 Comment

This video is about this watermelon treat that is like cake but everything is real fruit. We can make cream, fruit and nuts so this sweet is little healthy and you can eat much fruit. I hope you can try this recipe someday! This is very nice I think! Thank you for your support!




Whipped cream or Coconut Whipped cream (Paleo Version)

1 Large Watermelon cut in a circle like a cake (see photo above)





1. Cut your watermelon based on the photo tutorial in the post.

2. Pat the watermelon down with wipes to dry it.

3. Frost it with whipped cream

4. Add Almonds to the side

5. Decorate the top with fresh fruit of your choice.


Recipe inspired by iSave A2Z: http://www.isavea2z.com/no-bake-watermelon-cake-recipe/