Octopus Poop Candy! [Video] April 25, 2016 14:29

octopus poop DIY candy kit from Kracie
Today we are playing with octopus poop! Well... kind of.

Grape and Soda Dodotto Tsubupyon

This foamy, gummy, crunchy treat tastes great and appeals to the side of all of us that wants to make candy that looks like octopus poop.

Dodotto Tsubupyon comes in two different flavors, soda and grape.

Octopus Dropper

This pack includes one of 3 collectable droppers. You might find an octopus, as shown, a strange squid or a cute robot dropper to make your jelly beads.

Octopus Jelly Dropper

Fill your unique dropper with the pink liquid and drop it into the light blue liquid. When these two liquids join forces they form an instant jelly in the shape of the liquid bead dropped from your octopus.

Rock candy on foam

Next you mix a third powder packet with water and this one creates a foam. Top your foam with multicolored rock candies before adding the jelly beads!

Jelly Strainer

The plastic tray is specially designed to help you strain the water off the spoon when extracting the jelly beads from the blue liquid. Once you’ve spooned them out, spoon them right back in onto the foam mixture.

Dodotto Tsubupyon finished product

Once you’ve combined the foam, rock candies and jelly beads your octopus poop candy is complete! Now it’s time to enjoy the multi-textured treat, sure to be as fun to eat as it was to make!

Watch this video for a more in depth tutorial on how to make octopus poop candy!