Cute Parfait [Video] May 04, 2016 12:10

cute parfait DIY kit

Not only is this DIY parfait kit from Japan quite adorable, but it comes with a cute little glass and lets you make and customize your own pudding parfait.

We'll show you how it works!

cute parfait collectable glass

Each kit comes with a high quality plastic parfait cup that is remarkably similar in look and feel to an actual glass.

the complete contents of the DIY kit package

Here are the contents of the DIY kit. In addition to the cup, each kit includes the powdered mix necessary to make the parfait and garnish it with a sweet berry sauce and pink sugar sweet.

we need to refrigerate the pudding parfait to allow it to solidify

After measuring out and mixing some milk with the parfait packet, you'll need to chill the parfait to let it solidify a bit.

top your parfait with a strawberry of your favorite fruit

We decided to get a bit fancy with a sliced strawberry in addition to the red berry sauce and pink sugar candy. Feel free to top your parfait with whatever strikes your fancy.

Just imagining all of the tasty berry topping combinations out there is making us hungry!

invite your friends over for a cute parfait party

Enjoy your parfait by yourself or invite your friends over. Either way, you'll have a great time and end up with a tasty treat!

Take a look at the video to see this parfait kit in action!