Edible Ice Cream Bowl Recipe [Video] September 24, 2015 08:10


We'll show you how to make some amazing edible chocolate chip cookie and brownie ice cream bowls! In addition to being just plain awesome, they're actually quite simple to make. Let's cook!

You can really get creative and use whatever dough or batter you'd like. We decided to go with some classics and make chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie batter. We used one of our favourite mixes to save time, but we'd encourage you to make the recipe from scratch.

If you're using a batter, be sure not to overfill the muffin tins. We found that filling the tins about 1/4 of the way works quite well. You'll need to make adjustments based on your recipe.

It's important that the bottom of your second muffin tin is clean and dry. If it doesn't have a nonstick coating, be sure to butter or grease the bottom of the tin as well. The weight of the tin should be enough to give the bowl a nice shape. Don't press down on the tin.

Bake for only 2/3 of the suggested time for the recipe. The layer of batter is thinner than it would be in a cake, muffin or pan. It will cook much faster.

For dough, flip the muffin tin over the spread a ball of dough on the top of each mound. You'll need to work it with your fingers to get an even coating. Be sure to evenly coat the mounds and fill in any gaps in the dough. Keep in mind that any nuts, chips or other tasty bits in the dough may fall out when cooking which may leave holes in your bowl. It's not the end of the world, but it could be a bit messy when you scoop in your ice cream.

You can cook the cookies for the time suggested by the recipe.

Before scooping in your ice cream, make sure your bowls aren't too hot. If you try to use them straight out of the oven, they may fall apart. Slightly warm bowls are amazing when combined with the cold ice cream!

Add your favorite toppings and you're done! Enjoy the ice cream, enjoy the bowl and enjoy being awesome! Here's the full video: