Sleepy Egg Pudding [Video] October 30, 2015 20:27

Sleepy Egg Pudding

Sometimes you just feel as sleepy as a lazy egg and you just want to get a bit.. more... sleep... But now is the time to make some Gudetama pudding with this amazing DIY candy kit from Japan!

Gudetama DIY Pudding Kit from Japan

Look at this little guy just trying to get comfortable on his little bed.

Gudetama DIY Pudding Kit Contents

This DIY kit comes with everything you need to make your own Gudetama pudding and white cream. The plastic mold comes in two designs and includes Gudetama in two different poses. The yellow packet is for the 'yolk' pudding while the blue packet is for the 'egg white' cream.

Making Gudetama Pudding

You can use the plastic mold as a measuring cup when adding milk to the pudding powder.

Gudetama Pudding Shaped Molds

After microwaving the pudding mixture to heat it up, you'll need to pour it into the plastic molds. You can fill them up to the brim so long as you're able to move them to the refrigerator without too much spillage.

Finished Gudetama Pudding

Once the pudding has cooled completely, you can mix up the cream and spread it around Gudetama to make your treat look like a sunny side up egg. Now all that's left is to snap some pictures and dig in!