Mud Soda & Dirt Pudding [Video] November 05, 2015 15:54 1 Comment

Mud Soda & Dirt Pudding Video

You won't believe how easy these are to make and how great they turn out! Whether you're making them with the kids or serving them up at your next gathering, these sweet treats are a real crowd pleaser!

Chocolate Pudding

Whip up some of your favorite chocolate pudding. You can make it from scratch or just use a tasty mix.

Hershey's Chocolate Syrup

You're also going to need some chocolate syrup to make chocolate milk for the mud sodas. We used Hershey's syrup, but any chocolate milk recipe will do fine.

Gummy Worms

Our gummy worms are a garnish that will go on top of our dirt pudding.

Root Beer Soda

We will be using root beer along with chocolate milk to make part of our mud soda. It may sounds like an unusual combination, but they go together very well.

Oreo Cookies

Our Oreo cookies make up the 'dirt' part of our dirt pudding. We were able to find chocolate stuffed Oreos, but any cookie that looks sufficiently 'dirty' will also work fine.

Chocolate Pudding and Oreo Cookies

Layer the Oreo cookies and chocolate pudding to make a miniature parfait.

Garnish with Gummy Worms

Let your gummy worms crawl around on top for added effect. Wiggle! Wiggle!

Whole Milk

Make some cold chocolate milk using the chocolate syrup. We recommend using whole milk, but low fat or skim milk will also get the job done.

Chocolate Milk

Fill half of your glass with chocolate milk.

Root Beer Soda

...and the other half with cold root beer soda.

Chocolate Ice Cream

We're going to make a float with some chocolate ice cream. We were lucky enough to find chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookie chunks. SO... MUCH... CHOCOLATE!

Chocolate Overload

Now that's a lot of chocolate! Watch the video below, make the recipe, but watch out for CHOCOLATE OVERLOAD!