Taiyaki and Odango [Video] December 25, 2015 02:30

Taiyaki and Odango YouTube Video

If you like miniature DIY candy kits from Japan as well as traditional Japanese sweets, we've found this fun new DIY kit from Kracie that we'd like to show you!

Taiyaki and Odango DIY Kit

This kit is packed with all sorts of fun stuff and contains everything you'll need to make a fish shaped cake with chocolate filling, soy sauce sauce flavored mochi, a strawberry gummy wrapped in rice cake and ramune flavored soda.

Taiyaki and Odango DIY Kit Contents

Here's everything that comes in the box and it's all that's required to make some amazing DIY candy. All you need to have on hand are scissors, just a bit of tape and some water.

Taiyaki Batter and Mold

After making the batter for the taiyaki (the fish shaped cakes) pour it into the mold and microwave it. The batter will cook and become solid.

Soy Sauce Odango

Roll the rice cakes into three balls and skewer them on the included pick. You'll need to give them a nice coating of soy sauce flavored sauce.

Strawberry Mochi

This treat is called ichigo daifuku and is traditionally made with a strawberry, sweet bean paste and rice cake. Our kit uses a gummy strawberry and chocolate to replace the bean paste. Not quite authentic, but quite yummy!

Ramune Soda

Last up we have our miniature ramune soda in this adorable little cup. Just add the powder and water and watch it bubble and fizz!

Taiyaki and Odango DIY Kit with Kittens

There you have it! Traditional Japanese sweets meet DIY candy kits. It's a match made in heaven! Be sure to check out the full video below.