Easter Picnic Bentos April 15, 2017 00:42

Easter Picnic Bentos

It’s time for a Spring picnic, so today I’m going to try out a couple of bento gadgets – the Mimy Rabbit Onigiri and Animal Maki Maki sets!

Mimy Onigiri and Animal Maki Maki packaging

I've never made a character bento before - they are so cute but also look like a lot of work. However, I'm hoping that these tools are going to make it easy to create some kawaii things to eat!

Mimy Riceball Contents

The first set is the Mimy rabbit riceball set. It comes with step-by-step photo instructions, a mold and lots of cutters for different faces and decorations. There is also a soft mat to use when cutting nori seaweed.

Let’s try making a bunny!

Mimy riceball making

First you fill the mold with some cooked sushi rice, press down with the lid, flip it over onto a flat surface and remove the mold. It took me a few shakes to remove the final piece, but then I was left with a bunny shaped ball of rice!

Mimy Riceball Making

Next is the face!  Putting Nori on the soft mat, you use the serrated cutters to create the face you'd like. The pieces then need to be carefully put into place on the bunny, as the nori seems very hard to move as soon as it touches the sticky rice. But then, simple as that, you have a cute bunny riceball!

Mimy riceball making

The instructions also suggested colouring some the rice with soy sauce to create different markings, which turned out to be easier than I expected.

Mimy riceball making

There is another set of cutters included that you can use with ham and cheese. These, combined with colouring the rice, means there are lots of design possibilities and every bunny can look different!

After creating a few rabbit riceballs, I moved onto the Animal Maki Maki set.

Animal Maki Maki Contents

This set comes with a small rice mold and four different animal cutters - rabbit, chick, bear and seal. Since I was making an Easter bento, I just used the chick and rabbit.

Animal Maki Making

It’s very similar to the rabbit mold. You fill with sushi rice, press down with the lid, flip, and this time, push out the rice. You then wrap the rice in nori, and it’s ready for the animal layer.

Animal maki making

Using ham, cheese, or omelette, you press to cut out one of the animal shapes, remove the excess and then wrap around your prepared rice and nori. Hey presto, another cute thing ready to eat!

Animal maki making

I made a few more of these rolls, using the chick cutter as well. The packaging also had a photo of little sandwich rolls wrapped with the animal designs, so I gave that a try too, although it wasn’t as easy to make as the rice filling.

Salad shape cutters

I also prepared some salad to go with it all. I was able to cut out some pretty shapes using one of the cutters from the Mimy set, including miniature carrots, with tiny cucumber skin tops!

I arranged everything into a couple of lunch boxes, and then…

Finished Easter Bentos

A selection of cute food, all ready for a little Easter picnic!

I think they came out quite well for a first attempt! The rabbit riceball set is my favourite of the two - it’s really easy to come up with lots of different cute bunnies with it. Whilst not something I would do for every day lunches, both sets are really fun for a special occasion, or to share with friends!