Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Clay Sweets Shop Kit May 19, 2017 11:54

Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Clay Sweets Shop Kit

Today I'm making some sweets, although they aren’t the edible kind, they are clay miniatures!

Fuwa Fuwa Kit Packaging

To make the sweets, I’m going to be trying out this Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Clay kit.

Kit Contents

The kit comes with Japanese instructions, 4 colours of mousse clay, molds, glitter glue and pieces to make a shop display case. There are molds for five types of sweets and lots of different decorations for them.

Using the molds

The molds are very easy to use.  First you wipe a little oil onto them so that the clay doesn't stick. Then take some clay and put it into the shape you want, line up the other half of the mold and press together firmly. After opening it back up, you remove the excess clay and pop out the finished shape by bending the mold a little.

The clay is not like any I've used before - it's so light, soft and airy! I found it was best to try and smooth the surfaces of it before you put it into the mold, as this avoids getting crease lines in your shapes.   As it is air-dry clay, it’s also a good idea to keep the unused clay sealed up as much as possible.

Clay icing

To make the sweet's filling, you simply twist a long rectangular piece and it looks like piped icing! You can then squeeze this between the two other pieces so that they stick together, although occasionally I did need to use a little bit of glue to help things stay in place.

Clay decorations

After making the different basic sweets, I started making some of the little decorations.

Mixing clay

One of the decoration molds was for a leaf, but there was no green clay!  Luckily you can very easily mix the clay to create new colours - being so soft, this doesn't take very long to do.

Clay sweet pieces

All the clay pieces ready for final assembly.

Sweets assesmbly

I used the glitter glue to attach the little decorative pieces and to add a sparkly glaze to parts of the sweets.  Using the glue meant the small pieces stuck well even when only gently putting them on, so I didn’t risk squashing them out of shape.  

Once everything was in place, it was time to leave them to dry and move onto the other part of the kit.

Display case

The kit comes with pre-cut pieces to make a display case for your clay creations.  They are pre-folded as well, so it is really easy to make.  Everything fits together nicely and no glue was needed, just a little sticky tape to attach the clear plastic to the front.  The finished case even has a little drawer you can keep things in!

Sweets labels

There are also little signs and labels included to display the sweets with.

Clay kit assembly

I left the clay to dry out overnight.  Once set, it still has a slight foamy, squishy texture which is quite unusual!  

Now that the sweets were dry, and everything was cut out, it was time to set up the display...

Finish Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Clay Sweets Shop Kit

My finished Sweets Shop display case!  Isn’t it cute!

This was a fun kit to make and I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing it being made too!  The molds make it really easy to create detailed miniature sweets and the clay is very nice to work with.   I also liked that the kit came with the little DIY display case, as I now have something to keep these creations in too.

Even after making all five types of sweets, I still have at least half of each colour of clay left, so I’ll be making more soon I’m sure!

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