Hello Kitty and Pompompurin Needle Felting Kit! December 10, 2017 22:41

Hello Kitty and Pompompurin Needle Felting Kit

Today I’m going to be trying out some more Needle Felting using this Sanrio Characters kit!


The kit comes with everything you need to make Hello Kitty and a Pompompurin ice-cream.  There’s a colourful instruction book with lots of step-by-step photos, wool fleece in a variety of colours and, unlike a lot of felting kits, it also includes a felting needle and small mat to work on.

Let’s make Hello Kitty!

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 2

For the main part of the head, you need 5g of white fleece.  This is rolled into a ball and then the felting begins!  Using the barbed felting needle, you poke the ball of fleece all over, being careful of your fingers!  Very slowly it will start to get smaller and firmer as the fibres bind together.   The more you work on it, the smoother it will become.

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 3

The instructions include a full-size diagram to use as a guide.  Areas you work on more will become smaller quicker, so you can use this to form the shape you require. 

Once it’s the right size, and the surface is smooth, it’s time to move onto the ears.

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 4

These start by folding a small piece of fleece into a triangle shape.  Then they are poked with the felting needle all over to firm them up, using the diagram as reference to get the right size and shape.

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 5

When the two ears are ready, they are attached to the main part of the head.  To do this, you just hold them in place and then use the needle to repeatedly poke through the ear into the main head piece and they will start to bind together.  Once both are well attached, you cover the join lines with small pieces of fleece to create a nice smooth finish

Then it’s time for the details.

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 6

A small piece of yellow fleece is rolled into a ball for the nose, and then fixed in place on the head by poking through it with the felting needle. 

This is repeated for the eyes – again the full size diagram is helpful to use to get the eyes and nose in the right place.

Tiny pieces of brown are twisted to make whiskers and then attached in the same way.

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 7

Finally it’s onto Kitty’s bow.  Some pink fleece is felted slightly to form a rounded rectangle shape and is then attached to the ear and felted more until it’s a bow shape.  Adding a ball of pink to the middle looks like the knot and finishes it off nicely.

After finishing Kitty, I moved onto the Pompompurin Ice-cream!

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 8

Rolling some brown fleece into a cone shape, this was felted and until it was the right size. Then some markings were added.  

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 9

A yellow ball was added for the head, along with two long ovals for the ears.   A disc of brown makes up his beret, along with a little ball on top. 

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 10

Last but not least, you add his cute face details!

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 11

You could stop there, but you can also turn these items into brooches by adding a pin to the back.  This is simply done by passing some fleece through a pin, laying this on the back of the item and the poking through it lots to attach it securely.

Here are my finished Sanrio characters!

Hello Kitty Pompompurin 12

There are also instructions for a cupcake and pen cover, and I have lots of fleece left over to make these later!

I think this is a great kit for Sanrio fans and beginners to needle felting – it comes with everything needed to get started (even though I used my own mat in the photos above, it does include a little white one) and the designs are nice and simple for someone’s first try at needle felting!

Check out the video below!