Kids' Lunch DIY Candy Kit [Video] November 07, 2016 12:25

Kids' Lunch DIY Candy Kit on the Marimo Marshmallow YouTube channel

Complete with candy flavored fried shrimp, omelette, meatballs, french fries, ketchup and chicken rice, this latest DIY candy kit from Japan is packed with so much entertainment value and an equal number of sweet treats for you to enjoy!

the powders used to make the various parts of this DIY candy kit

Here are all of the powder packets included in the box. Each of the candies has a different sweet flavor. They may look like meatballs, but they're actually chocolate flavored. The fried shrimp candy is actually orange candy flavored.

cutting up the candy french fries on the provided "cutting board"

We're cutting up the apple flavored candy french fries into strips on the "cutting board" included in the box.

adding the chocolate mint flavored omelette fillings

Fill the fruit punch flavored omelette with chocolate mint flavored candies to complete this part of the candy kit. The combination may sound strange, but it actually works pretty well.

the kids' lunch DIY candy kit is finished

Everything comes together so nicely and it's amazing how much stuff they pack into these candy kits. Eating these candies is great fun, but oh man! Making them is just as fun!

our kitten friends are discussing what should be done with this tasty treat

For the full video tutorial, take a look at the video below: