Let's Make Original Keshigomu - Disney Tsum Tsum! October 03, 2017 23:08


Today I'm going to try out an Orikeshi 'Let's make original keshigomu!' kit to create some Disney Tsum Tsum Erasers!


Let’s see what’s inside…

Tsum tsum eraser kit contents

The kit comes with the patterns for 11 different designs, split into two sets - A and B. It includes enough of the rubber eraser material to make one of the two sets. It also comes with a mold to make the erasers in, tweezers and spacer pieces. You'll just need a microwave to 'set' the erasers and some water.

I decided to make Minnie Mouse first.

Making tsum tsum eraser 1

The erasers are made by putting together lots of little cubed pieces of rubber, resulting in a cute pixel art style design. The pieces are supplied in strips, so the first thing you have to do is pull them apart so that you have the required number of each color - the design card shows the number needed in the top left corner.

Once you've got all the pieces ready, you can start to arrange them in the mold.

Making tsum tsum eraser 2

You first open the mold and rest it on the clip so that it is tilted up slightly. Then place the design card on it. Starting from the lowest corner, working up a row at a time, you put a piece of the correct color on top of each square of the design card. Grey squares are for the plastic spacer pieces.

Making tsum tsum eraser 3

Once you've got to the top, all the pieces together will look like the design you were following!

making tsum tsum eraser 4

Now you place the V shaped part of mold on top of the design, and hold this in place as you carefully slide the design card out from behind all the eraser pieces.

making tsum tsum eraser 5

Whilst continuing to hold the pieces in place, pour half a teaspoon of water over the design and spread the water around so all the pieces get covered.

making tsum tsum eraser 6

Next it's time to heat it up! Close up the mold, clip it shut and then put it into a microwave. The instructions suggest to heat it for 80 seconds in a 500-600W microwave. I tried 60 seconds in an 850W one, and it worked okay.  Once finished in the microwave, put the mold straight into a bowl of cold water and leave it for 10 minutes.

Now you’re ready to open up the mold and see if all the pieces stuck together or not!

making tsum tsum erasers 7


After taking the eraser out of the mold, the spacer pieces need to be removed. You can use the tweezers to poke any out if needed.

I found  that there was some excess rubber around the edges of my erasers where it had melted a bit - perhaps I put them in the microwave for slightly too long. However, it wasn't that much of a problem, I just used a craft knife to tidy these up.

making tsum tsum erasers 8

Once Minnie was finished, I went on to make a few more.

Tsum Tsum Erasers

Here is my finished collection of pixel erasers – Tigger, Minnie Mouse, Olaf, Pluto and Donald Duck!

Tsum tsum erasers 2

This was a fun and easy kit to make! The finished erasers are nice and solid, so they don't feel like they will fall apart if they are used. Wouldn’t they would make a great cute addition to your pencil case!