Neko Coin Bank [Video] September 29, 2016 09:35

Itazura Neko Bank on the Marimo Marshmallow YouTube channel

Saving money becomes a lot easier and much more fun with the Itazura Cat Bank from Japan. This adorable little cat will help you put aside money for your next vacation, weekend out or upcoming shopping trip.

Itazura Bank in its original packaging

This particular version is a calico cat hiding in a box of mandarin oranges, but there are quite a few other designs and breeds that you can see here.

put a coin on the plate of fish bones

Place your coin on the plate of fishbones and lightly press down. The bank can accommodate all but very large, very thick or irregularly shaped coins.

a cute cat will pop out and grab your coin

A little cat will peek his had out, grab the coin off the plate and take it for safekeeping. After this little guy does his job, he goes back to hiding in the box. All coin banks employ only the most trustworthy of cats.

change the batteries and remove coins from the bottom of the coin bank

When it's time to make a withdrawal or change the batteries of your bank, just flip it over.

To see the coin bank in action, take a look at the video below.