Parfait Parfait Neruneru DIY Candy Kit [VIDEO] July 10, 2017 06:46

Parfait Neruneru (ASMR Version) ~ パフェパフェねるねる(音楽なし)

This is a simple little DIY candy kit from Japan, but it's a blast to make and quite yummy. You start by arranging the included wafter sticks in your tray and emptying the first candy powder packet into the large mixing area.

Add water and mix well and you'll be ready for the candy science to happen! Add the solidifying powder to the sticky candy mix and watch it bubble and turn to candy foam.

Parfait Parfait Neruneru sticky candy

Next, we're going to make the chocolate dipping sauce by mixing the chocolate sauce powder packet with just a bit of water.

Parfait Parfait Neruneru chocolate sauce

After your chocolate sauce is ready, all that's left is to dip away! Scoop up some of the sticky candy and then dip it into the chocolate sauce. Add the finishing touch by sprinkling on some of the included colorful candy sprinkles.

Parfait Parfait Neruneru colorful candy sprinkles

Your candy creation looks amazing and is ready to eat. Take a well-deserved bite and start dipping all over again!

Parfait Parfait Neruneru wafers dipped in sticky candy and sprinkles

For the full tutorial, take a look at the video below: