Itazura Neruneru DIY Candy Kit

$4.99 USD

The latest DIY candy sensation from Kracie not only includes both melon and cherry flavored bubbling candy, but also lets you mix and match flavor combinations with a soda flavored sprinkle packet and chocolate sauce.

Sprinkle on the soda flavored sprinkles and the flavor of your nerunerunerune candy will change! Into what? You'll have to find out!

After you're finished experimenting with flavor, draw all over your candy creation with the included chocolate packet. When you're masterpiece is finished, be sure to send us a picture!

Kit Includes:

  • mixing tray
  • measuring cup
  • mixing spoon 
  • melon candy powder packet
  • melon bubbling candy powder packet
  • cherry candy powder packet
  • cherry bubbling candy powder packet
  • soda sprinkles packet
  • chocolate sauce packet


Allergy Warning:

  • egg
  • milk/dairy
  • soybean