Majo Majo Neruneru DIY Candy Kit

$3.99 USD

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Witch Witch Neruneru is back with a new design and all new flavors! Just when you think you've finished mixing up your tasty brew, stir in the color changing packet and watch your creation fizz! This kit comes with some amazing sprinkles that not only add extra flavor to your sweet treat, but also crackle and pop when you put them in your mouth. ALSO! After you've sampled your peach flavored treat, mix in the 'expanding' powder packet and watch your candy grow. AND! When you've tired of that, mix in the final packet and your candy will change to an entirely different flavor.

Kit Includes:

  • candy powder packet
  • color changing powder packet
  • popping sprinkles
  • expanding powder packet
  • flavor changing powder packet
  • mixing tray
  • mixing spoon
  • measuring cup
  • easy to understand illustrated instructions (Japanese language only)


Allergy Warning:

  • egg
  • milk/dairy