Hanten Wash Cloth

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An intricately folded and beautifully patterned wash cloth in the shape of a traditional Japanese "hanten" will bring you good fortune in the new year. Written on the collar are the kanji (Chinese characters) that read "kaiun koufuku" which are the traditional calligraphy used to beckon luck and prosperity. Additionally, the colourful cloth is patterned with the rooster which is the symbolic animal of 2017 according to the traditional calendar.

Each folded wash cloth comes in clear packaging that includes step by step illustrations on how to refold the wash cloth. Give this as a gift to bring good fortune and prosperity to your loved ones in the new year.


  • folded width: 18.5cm (7.28in)
  • folded height: 13cm (5.12in)
  • hand towel width: 35cm (13.78in)
  • hand towel height: 50cm (19.69in)

Additional Information:

  • made in Japan
  • 100% cotton
  • machine washable