Takenoko no Sato

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***This product has a best by date of July 2018; This is not an expiration date, but the product has been discounted for this reason***

Takenoko no Sato is just one of those snacks that you see EVERYWHERE in Japan. On super market shelves, at the local convenience store and even featured on television, you can see this iconic chocolate treat almost everywhere you turn. Why? Because it's super tasty!

Try this and other delicious Japanese snacks imported from Japan.

Box Includes:

  • sweet, bamboo shoot shaped biscuit covered in milk chocolate (77g of tasty treats)

Allergy Warning:

  • wheat
  • egg
  • milk/dairy
  • soybean

***This product is made of chocolate and may melt if exposed to temperatures above 28C or about 82F. Please keep this in mind if you live in a hot climate.***