Yokai Watch Drink 4 DIY Candy Kit

$1.99 USD $4.99 USD

***This product has a best by date of July 25, 2018; This is not an expiration date, but the product has been discounted for this reason***

Enjoy this color changing drink inspired by the popular Japanese animated series called Youkai Watch! While this cola flavored drink starts out a purple color, after adding the second packet of powder, something spooky happens! Well... maybe not really, but it's a lot of fun and quite tasty as well!

Kit Includes:

  • Youkai Watch cup
  • clear plastic lid
  • plastic drinking straw
  • soda flavored drink powder
  • color changing jelly powder
  • easy to understand illustrated instructions (Japanese language only)

***This video shows a previous version of the product. There may be slight variations in the packaging and contents of this candy kit.*** 

Allergy Warning:

  • this product was produced in a factory that also produces milk/dairy and egg products