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Hiroki Matsuuchi

I was born in the United States and now I live and work in Japan. I'm in charge of the technical aspects of Marimo's content creation and online shop. I'm here to help so get in touch!

Marimo Marshmallow

I'm from Japan but my dream is to live abroad someday. I enjoy sweets, studying English, traveling and learning about other cultures. I hope to practice my English with you!


What is the Marimo Marshmallow Store?

Safe, Secure and Super Fun!

The Marimo Marshmallow Store is the best place to find amazing Japanese products at the lowest prices. Our mission is to share with the world all of the amazing candy, DIY kits, snacks, stationary, accessories and much more by offering them at prices people can afford. We are super excited to send you some amazing stuff!

Safe and Secure Cat

Safe and Secure

Our site runs on the Shopify platform and all of our payments are processed securely and with buyer protection.

Satisfaction Guaranteed Cat

Satisfaction Guaranteed

If for any reason you are not satisfied with the products you receive, return them for free!

Safe and Secure Cat

Shop History

Over the past five years, we have shipped to thousands of customers in dozens of countries around the world.


We are so happy that you found us. Thank you very much!

My name is Hiroki Matsuuchi. Marimo (actually my wife's nickname) and I are the two people who run the Marimo Marshmallow Store with the occasional help of our three year old son and infant daughter.

Our journey started with a video on YouTube about five years ago. We started with a couple of items being packed and shipped from our apartment's kitchen table and created the Marimo Marshmallow Store from the ground up.

This is not the end of this glorious story, in fact it's just the beginning! Thank you for being part of it :)

Please, feel free to contact us at any time.

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〒770-0854 Tokushima-Ken, Tokushima-Shi, Nishisenba-Cho 3-9-1, Sanko Building 3F, JAPAN
Tel (country code +81) : 088-612-7080
Email : info@marimomarshmallowstore.com