Free DIY Candy Kits

get free diy candy kits for orders over $30, $40 and $50

Can I really get free DIY candy?

YES! Use these coupon codes at checkout to get one, two or three free DIY candy kits:

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How can I get my free DIY candy kit?

  1. Fill your cart with amazing candy, DIY kits, snacks and other fantastic products from our shop.
  2. Make sure your cart is over $30, $40 or $50.
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  4. We will include one, two or three free surprise DIY candy kits along with the other items in your order.

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Can I choose which DIY candy kits I get?

We are going to surprise you with some of our most popular DIY candy kit from our shop, and we promise to send you something that we think you'll love!

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