Marimo Candy Club

A monthly subscription that includes Japanese candy, DIY kits and snacks from Japan


Subscribe: We'll chose some great candy for you!We pack your box: we hand pick and send some of our best selling candiesEnjoy: Your box arrive in the mail! Have a fantastic time!

some Japanese DIY candy kits from previous subscription boxes

We know what the good stuff is and we know that you want DIY candy kits. We guarantee at least two of your favorite Japanese DIY candy kits imported directly from Japan. Subscribe to our monthly box or try it out with a one time purchase option.

Take a look at our September 2016 subscription box shown below and subscribe!

Subscription candy, DIY kits and snacks from Japan delivered to your door every month!


Start getting your loot today!

Your order will ship on the first day of the month after you start your subscription. We always handpick the best candies each month and you are ALWAYS guaranteed to get some cool DIY candy kits.


Skip months and cancel anytime!

Say you're going on vacation next month and don't want your monthly box just sitting on your doorstep. No problem! You can skip months on which you don't want delivery. You won't pay for orders you don't want.


We'll send you the good stuff!

We have been been making DIY candy tutorials since 2011 and have a collection of hundreds of videos online. We know Japanese candy and will send you only the good stuff!