Ramen DIY Candy Kit

$3.99 USD

After many long years, the hugely popular candy ramen set has returned and it's much improved! Form the candy dough into the dumpling press, add the stuffing and squeeze! Next come the ramen noodles that magically solidify as they hit the soup! So cool!

Kit Includes:

  • candy soup powder
  • candy noodle powder (soda flavored)
  • 'gyoza' dumpling candy dough (also used for egg and 'kamaboko', cola and soda flavored)
  • candy dumpling filling and ramen topping
  • egg and 'kamaboko' molds
  • mixing tray
  • ramen bowl
  • 'gyoza' dumpling press
  • miniature fork
  • noodle piping bag and measuring guide
  • wooden toothpick
  • easy to understand pictorial instructions (Japanese language only)

Allergy Warning:

  • milk/dairy
  • squid (ink used as a natural coloring)
  • gelatin