Cranberry & Almond Kit Kat Bag

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***This product has a best by date of April 1, 2017; This is not an expiration date, but the product has been discounted for this reason***

The latest from the Kit Kat Chocolatory is a luxurious Kit Kat topped with almonds and dried cranberries. Quite a different experience from the standard Kit Kat flavors, the name of this series says it all; 毎日の贅沢 (mainichi no zeitaku) which means "Everyday Luxury" when translated to English. For fans of Kit Kat, this is an exclusive flavor that cannot be missed.

Bag Includes:

  • 15 individually wrapped single cranberry almond chocolate covered wafer bars (105g of luxurious chocolately goodness)

Cranberry and Almond Kit Kat Bag

Allergy Warning:

  • wheat
  • milk/dairy
  • almond
  • some ingredients contain soybean
  • almonds were prepared in a factory that also prepares other nut products
  • cranberries were prepared in a factory that also prepares orange and apple products

***This product is made of chocolate and may melt if exposed to temperatures above 28C or about 82F. Please keep this in mind if you live in a hot climate.***