Dark Chocolate Kit Kat Bag

$3.99 USD $6.49 USD

Kit Kats are one of the most popular sweets in Japan and have many flavors not available in other parts of the world. Among them is the 'Otona no Amasa' dark chocolate version that translates to: a sweetness for adults. This semi-sweet dark chocolate treat is surprisingly tasty and it's quite difficult to stop at eating only one...bag!

Bag Includes:

  • 13 individually wrapped packages containing two mini bars (147g of dark chocolate goodness)

Allergy Warning:

  • wheat
  • milk/dairy
  • this product was produced in a factory that also produces almond and other nut products
  • the wafers were produced in a factory that also produces egg, peanut, orange, walnut, sesame seed and apple products

***This product is made of chocolate and may melt if exposed to temperatures above 28C or about 82F. Please keep this in mind if you live in a hot climate.***