Gudetama Two Level Bento Box

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Take your home cooked meals on the go with this two compartment Japanese bento lunchbox covered with everyone's favorite characterGudetama! Small, portable and completely sealed, the two compartments keep your food fresh and prevent unwanted mixing. The lid also contains a small compartment that includes a miniature fork that goes perfectly with the rest of the set.


  • top lid with two sealing clasps
  • top level
  • miniature fork
  • bottom lid
  • bottom level
  • name tag

Additional Information:

  • diameter: 10cm (3.9in)
  • height: 9cm (3.5in)
  • top compartment volume: 230ml (7.8oz)
  • bottom compartment volume: 270ml (9.1oz)
  • top lid, top and bottom containers and fork are safe up to 140C (284F)
  • middle lid is safe up to 60C (140F)

***only the two containers are microwave safe, please do not microwave the lids or fork