Gudetama Coin Bank & Cookies

$3.99 USD $10.99 USD

***This product contains packaged snacks which have a best by date of June 30, 2017; This is not an expiration date, but the product has been discounted for this reason***

Your Gudetama coin bank is sitting on your desk waiting for you to just drop in a few coins you have jingling around in your pocket. A few coins today, a few coins tomorrow and before you know it you have enough to get something amazing! Is there something you've been wanting, but don't have the money? Gudetama can help!


  • metal Gudetama "piggy" bank
  • functional lock
  • keys (x2)
  • chocolate puffed corn snack (10g of munchy deliciousness)


  • length: 10.5cm (4.13in)
  • width: 8cm (3.15in)
  • height: 8cm (3.15in)

Allergy Warning:

  • milk/dairy
  • soybean
  • this product was produced in a factory which also produces egg, wheat, shrimp, crab, beef, pork, chicken, mackerel, apple and gelatin products