Gudetama Mug

$13.99 USD

Gudetama is here, but he's just not feeling it. Little droopy arms, a tired expression and a little surprise for you on the back of the mug. Gudetama feels how we all feel when we wake up in the morning. Written in Japanese hiragana is printed the words "ahhh-ah" which is the sound of tiredness and reluctance. We know how you feel little guy! Hang in there!


  • ceramic Gudetama mug
  • protective corrugated cardboard box

Additional Information:

  • top diameter: 9.5cm (3.74in)
  • height: 8.5cm (3.35in)
  • made of high quality glazed ceramic
  • dishwasher safe
  • can be used with both hot and cold beverages

 Gudetama mug for hot or cold beverages