Gummy Tsureta DIY Candy Kit (Pink)

$3.99 USD

This DIY candy from Japan is ALIVE! How does powder pulled from a tray of special candy liquid become a long stretchy gummy? Science!

Mix the powder packet with water to make the liquid you will soon use to create your candy creation. Stick the bendy end of the straw into the liquid and sprinkle some of the grape or pineapple powder candy on top. Slowly raise the straw and watch as the powder comes together to make this amazing stretchy candy creation. Combine the two different candy powders to make striped gummy candy. Finally, finish off your creation by dipping it in the included DIY candy sauce.

Kit Includes:

  • mixing tray
  • measuring cup
  • mixing fork
  • bendy straw
  • candy solidifying powder packet
  • candy foam sauce powder packet
  • growing candy packet (pineapple)
  • growing candy packet (soda)
  • easy to understand pictorial instructions (Japanese language only)

Allergy Warning:

  • egg
  • milk/dairy