Hamburger Eraser Kit

$6.99 USD

They almost look good enough to eat, but they're actually food shaped erasers!  A cheeseburger, a side of fries and a cup of soda are all made of  a mouldable plastic clay that hardens in the microwave.  The details such as the sesame seeds on the hamburger bun, the bendy bits on the drinking straw and the paper carton containing the french fries make these miniature erasers that much more fun to make!

Kit Includes:

  • eraser clay (x4 colours)
  • plastic eraser moulds (x2)
  • french fry eraser carton
  • soft drink wrapper
  • microwavable cup
  • easy to understand illustrated instructions (Japanese language only)

Marimo's Tip: This is an non-edible eraser making kit that requires you use the microwave for anywhere between 2-4 minutes.