Pocky Decorating Machine

$19.99 USD

Make your regular Pocky legendary by twirling, drizzling, dripping and sticking chocolate swirls and candy sprinkles on everyone's favorite chocolate snack. Mount your pocky, wind up the machine and flip the switch. Your pocky will slowly spin and allow you to make all sorts of amazing patterns by drizzling chocolate or other liquid candies on the spinning stick. Go for a spiral pattern or get fancy by combining different colors into interweaving patterns. Before it cools, stick on some candy beads or sprinkles to make your masterpiece really shine!

Batteries not required and you can continue to use this decorating machine so long as you have Pocky and something to decorate them with! You can use this machine to decorate thin, regular and thick Pocky.

Box Contains:

  • machine dome (x1)
  • machine base (x1)
  • support arm (x1)
  • rotating plate (x3 sizes)
  • rotating counter plate (x3 sizes)
  • display stand (x1)
  • easy to understand illustrated instructions (Japanese language only)