Pumpkin Pudding Kit Kat Bag

$4.99 USD $6.49 USD

The seasonally limited pumpkin pudding Kit Kat bag is back in stock for a limited time only. This popular flavor exclusive to Japan combines the rich creamy flavor of pumpkin pudding with the crispy chocolate coated deliciousness of Kit Kats.

Be sure to get your hands on these Japanese exclusive treats before they disappear until next year!

Bag Includes:

  • 13 individually wrapped packages containing two mini bars

Allergy Warning:

  • wheat
  • milk/dairy
  • some ingredients contain soybean
  • this product was produced in a factory that also produces almond and other nut products
  • the wafers were produced in a factory that also produces egg, peanut, orange, walnut, sesame seed and apple products

***This product is made of chocolate and may melt if exposed to temperatures above 28C or about 82F. Please keep this in mind if you live in a hot climate.***