Squatty Potty DIY Candy Kit

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We didn't think that it was possible to one up the legendary Toilet Candy, but we were wrong! So very wrong... May we present the squatty potty version of famous Toilet Candy!

You start with the parts necessary to assemble a miniature Asian style toilet, use that same plastic toilet to make candy and then stick on some fun stickers to give your creation some personality. After you've finished with your candy creations, you can also use the plastic toilet for other purposes. You can turn your toilet into a planter, storage bowl or party decorations!

Order four and get the complete set!

Kit Includes:

  • plastic toilet bowl (one of four random styles)
  • plastic toilet rim (one of four random styles)
  • plastic toilet tank (one of four random styles)
  • plastic toilet tank cover (one of four random styles)
  • stickers (for decorating your miniature toilet)
  • cider and strawberry flavored foaming candy packets
  • easy to understand pictorial instructions (Japanese language only)


Allergy Warning:

  • egg
  • milk/dairy