Sushi Eraser Kit

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There are few things that represent Japan better than tiny cute erasers and sushi. This kit combines those two aspects of Japanese culture into one amazing eraser kit that lets you create these bite-sized sushi creations that look good enough to eat! Included in the kit are the necessary materials to make shrimp, egg, tuna, fish roe and rolled sushi along with a pair of adorable chopsticks. You can also enjoy the paper craft that come along with these fun erasers. Do you also dream of sushi?

Kit Includes:

  • eraser clay (x4 colors)
  • plastic eraser molds (x2 top and bottom)
  • microwavable paper container
  • sushi paper craft templates
  • easy to understand illustrated instructions (Japanese language only)

Marimo's Tip: This is an non-edible eraser making kit that requires you use the microwave for anywhere between 2-4 minutes.