Taiyaki & Odango DIY Candy Kit

$5.99 USD

If you're a fan of Japanese sweets, this is most definitely the DIY kit for you! This kit includes everything you need to make the miniature candy versions of four traditional Japanese sweets. Enjoy a chocolate cream 'taiyaki' fish shaped cake, try the 'ichigodaifuku' with its delicious strawberry candy wrapped in a rice cake, eat the three pieces of 'mitarashidango' on a skewer, and sample a cup of refreshing 'ramune' soda to wash it all down! This kit has it all!

Kit Includes:

  • strawberry jelly powder packet
  • mochi powder packet
  • taiyaki batter packet
  • chocolate cream powder packet
  • mitarashi sauce powder packet
  • ramune soda powder packet
  • easy to understand pictorial instructions (Japanese language only)

Allergy Warning:

  • milk/dairy
  • egg
  • wheat
  • soybean