Washing Machine DIY Candy Kit 2

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From the people who brought you the infamous toilet candy, we present the latest in DIY candy technology: washing machine candy!

Assemble the various pieces to make a functional washing machine (if you have really tiny clothes) that actually has a spinning drum. Add water and measure out the powders using the included scoop (looks like a detergent scoop). Mix them together, close the lid of your washing machine and mix away!

Order four and get the complete set!

Kit Includes:

  • washing machine body
  • measuring spoon
  • washing machine base
  • inner rotating drum
  • small gear
  • drinking straw
  • sticker set
  • foaming candy powder
  • easy to understand pictorial instructions (Japanese language only)

***Please note that this video is for the previous version of this product. Although the product remains mostly the same, there have been some variations.***

Allergy Warning:

  • egg